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Types of Dental Crowns - PFMs, Ceramics and More

There are many different types of materials that we can use when a patient needs to have a dental crown placed.

Here is a list of the common types of dental crowns:

types of dental crowns

PFM Crowns

PFM crowns (porcelain-fused-to-metal) have successfully been in use in dentistry for decades. PFM crowns are esthetic and strong and do an excellent job of protecting teeth that require treatment with a crown. One of the disadvantages of PFM crowns is that because they are built upon a layer of metal, they are not the ideal solution for crowns in highly-esthetic areas such as the front of the mouth.

Ceramic Crowns (Zirconia)

In officeal situations where esthetics are paramount, we are able to take advantage of newer ceramic improvements and fabricate what is known as all-ceramic crowns. Ceramic crowns are lifelike and have coloring and light-reflecting properties that more resemble natural teeth. Plus, because the crowns are all-ceramic and have no metal, you will never see “black lines” around the edges.   Ceramic crowns are very strong and allow patients to have the benefit of a great-looking restoration that is very functional. Of all of the types of crowns available today, ceramic crowns are quickly becoming the most popular restoration when a crown is needed.

Gold Crowns

Gold crowns remain a terrific way to restore teeth; gold crowns fit well and tend to be gentle on the gums and surrounding tissues.  With the advent of ceramic crowns and the esthetics and strength they provide, we've moved away from using gold.

Implant Crowns

Implant crowns use the same materials as crowns for natural teeth -- the difference is that an implant crown is attached to an implant and not to a natural tooth.  Once again the choice of the material for your implant crown will depend upon where in the mouth the implant is located, and on the patient's esthetic needs.

Ultimately, the type of dental crown that we place on your tooth is something that you and Dr. Markham will decide on together based on your specific officeal situation.


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