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Maidu Dental - Multiple Dental Implants

Multiple Tooth Dental Implants Bridges
Auburn, CA

Dental Implant Bridges

Sometimes a person is missing more than one tooth and a single implant would not entirely close the missing space. In cases such as these, we are able to make implant bridges, whereby multiple implants are placed in the edentulous (empty) area, and implants are placed as anchors to support a fixed bridge. This treatment is conceptually the same as having a bridge with your own teeth, whereby the tooth in front of the space and the tooth behind the space are prepared (drilled) to act as anchors to replace the missing tooth in the middle. With a dental implant-based bridge, the same concept is at work, except for the fact that implants are acting as anchors instead of your own teeth.

Multiple Dental Implants

Other times, a patient might be missing two teeth in different places in their mouth, and two implants would have to be placed in these different locations to fully restore the patient’s smile.

Dr. Markham’s Advanced Training

Dental implant patients report very few problems above and beyond what their friends who have traditional crowns and bridges placed. However, from the dental perspective, “getting it right” with dental implants can be more challenging for the dentist. Fortunately, Dr. Markham has extensive experience with restoring dental implants and has received advanced training that focuses specifically on these challenges – including coursework at the prestigious Pankey Institute and Spear Educational Continuum. Not every dentist has the same training as Dr. Markham, and this factor is a critical one to consider when you are selecting a dentist to work with for your dental implant treatment.

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If you have questions about dental implants, or if you want to find out if you are a candidate for dental implants, Dr. Markham offers a complimentary implant consultation. You can schedule this consultation by calling (530) 823-8771.