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Maidu Dental -Dental Bonding

Dental Bonding
Auburn, CA

Dental bonding is one of the most versatile procedures in dentistry and can be used in both cosmetic and restorative procedures. This process is performed by applying tooth-colored composite resin to the teeth. At Maidu DentalDr. Luminita Markham offers dental bonding to improve the aesthetics of your smile, or to repair mildly damaged or decayed teeth.

When is Dental Bonding Necessary?

From a restorative standpoint, composite resin can be used to fill small cavities. Additionally, dental bonding can conceal a wide array of cosmetic flaws, including:

  • Gapped Teeth: Spaces between the teeth can be reduced or eliminated with dental bonding.
  • Chipped Teeth: Small chips in the teeth can have a negative impact on your smile. Dental bonding can mask those imperfections and make your smile appear whole again.
  • Misshapen Teeth: Uneven or small teeth can make your smile seem unbalanced. Composite bonding can add width and length to teeth for a more symmetrical appearance.
  • Discolored Teeth: Intrinsic stains do not typically respond to teeth whitening. In these cases, bonding can conceal discoloration for a brighter, whiter smile.
  • Fractured Teeth: Certain habits such as chewing on ice can lead to small fractures in the teeth. Dental bonding can repair these areas and reinforce the tooth structure.
  • Minor Misalignment: Slightly crooked teeth can be addressed with dental bonding. By strategically applying composite resin to the tooth, it can make it appear flush with the adjacent teeth.

In addition to the above, many of our patients undergo dental bonding after orthodontic treatment. This is a simple way to further enhance their dramatic results. Furthermore, bonding is a more affordable alternative to porcelain veneers, and many of our patients choose this procedure for that reason.

Dental Bonding Treatment Process

Dental bonding can typically be completed in under one hour. This treatment is non-invasive and does not usually require the removal of enamel. Before performing the procedure, Dr. Markham will choose a shade of composite resin that will blend in with your natural teeth. She will then place thin dental strips to prevent the composite from affecting the neighboring teeth. Once you are ready to begin, Dr. Markham will apply dental etch. This slightly acidic solution will roughen the surface of the tooth, which will prepare it for bonding. After a few seconds, Dr. Markham will rinse and dry your tooth. Next, the composite resin material will be applied shaped, and hardened with a dental curing light. To achieve the desired result, several layers may be necessary. Once all of the composites have been applied, Dr. Markham will check your bite, smooth away any rough edges, and polish your teeth to a lifelike shine.

Commonly Combined Treatments

Dental bonding is often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures to achieve a dramatically improved smile. Many of our patients choose dental bonding along with teeth whitening, tooth contouring, dental crowns, and more. During your initial consultation, Dr. Markham can help you determine a personalized treatment plan that will help you attain the results you desire.

Maintaining Your New Smile

Overall, routine brushing and flossing should be sufficient for maintaining your new restorations. However, it is important to understand that composite resin can stain. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid or limit foods and beverages that can stain your teeth. This includes tea, coffee, dark fruit juice, red wine, and berries, among other things. Tobacco products can also cause significant discoloration. Therefore, quitting smoking is an excellent way to preserve your new smile and improve your overall health.


To learn more about dental bonding or other cosmetic procedures offered at our Auburn CA practice, schedule a consultation with Dr. Markham. You can contact us online anytime, or call our office at (530) 823-8771.