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Maidu Dental - Dental Bridge

Dental Bridges
Auburn, CA

Patients who are missing a row of teeth can benefit from a dental bridge. This restoration can be anchored to your adjacent teeth to fill in the space in your smile. Dr. Luminita Markham fabricates and places bridges for our patients at Maidu Dental to restore health, function, and aesthetics. Read on to learn more about the candidacy, treatment process, and benefits of dental bridges.

Who is a Candidate?

Dental bridges work well for replacing one to three teeth. If you are missing more than that, or if you are missing teeth in sporadic locations, you will probably be better suited for dental implants or a partial denture. Alternatively, if you are only missing one tooth, a single implant may be a superior option.

In order for a bridge to be successful, it must be anchored to strong, healthy teeth. Therefore, they must be free from decay and resilient. During your initial consultation, Dr. Markham can help you determine if a bridge is right for you.

Your Initial Consultation

To determine your candidacy, Dr. Markham will perform a thorough oral examination, carefully assessing the health of your teeth, gums, and surrounding structures. Digital x-rays will also be taken to evaluate the health of the bone around the teeth. Dr. Markham will discuss your dental concerns with you in detail, and design a customized treatment plan to address your unique situation.

Receiving a Dental Bridge

Before placing a dental bridge, the teeth on either side of the space must be slightly reduced. By doing this, they can serve as anchors – or abutments – for your new restoration. Once the teeth have been prepared, digital impressions will be taken and electronically sent to the lab.

Once your bridge is fabricated, Dr. Markham will try it in and make any necessary adjustments. Finally, your restoration will be bonded into place with a high-grade dental cement.

Implant-Supported Bridges

At Maidu Dental, we also offer implant-supported bridges. Similar to traditional bridges, these restorations are attached to dental implants instead of your neighboring teeth. Implant-supported bridges are an excellent way to preserve your natural bone, as implants prevent bone degradation over time. They are also longer-lasting; while conventional bridges last up to 15 years, their implant-supported counterparts can last a lifetime with proper care.

Maintaining Your Bridge

Whether you choose a traditional or implant-supported bridge, your restoration can be maintained through routine preventative care. It is important to brush at least twice per day and floss at least once per day. Some patients find that floss threaders or interproximal brushes are especially helpful for cleaning around bridges. Our team can help you develop an at-home regimen that will work for you.

Benefits of Dental Bridges

Due to the high quality of dental materials today, bridges offer an incredibly lifelike result. In addition to improving the aesthetics of your smile, dental bridges also restore health and function. When you are missing teeth, your bite does not fit together properly. Over time, this can lead to other serious issues, such as shifting, mobility, or further tooth loss. A dental bridge replaces missing teeth and stabilizes your bite for long-term oral health.

Schedule a Consultation Today

If you are missing teeth and would like to learn more about dental bridges, schedule an appointment with Dr. Markham at our Auburn, CA practice. You can reach us online, or by calling our office at (530) 823-8771.