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Dental Implants with Bone Loss

dental implants with bone loss

The use of implants in dentistry has revolutionized the way we replace our patients’ missing teeth.  One of the key requirements for successful treatment with dental implants is having enough bone to hold the implant in place.  In the past, if a patient didn’t have enough bone for an implant, we had to provide alternative treatment such as dental bridges or removable dentures.

Treatment with Dental Implants with Bone Loss

Patients are concerned that if they have bone loss, they cannot have treatment with dental implants. In the past this was true, but with today’s technology, Dr. Markham can often use bone grafts to replace the missing bone.  A bone graft is a procedure in which we use the synthetic or grafted bone to add support to an area where we’d like to place a dental implant.  With the added support, we’re able to hold a dental implant in place.

Dental Implants with Severe Bone Loss

In some cases, the bone loss in an area is too great for us to predictably place a dental implant. We see this situation in patients who have suffered from periodontal (gum) disease over the course of many years.  In these cases we can often use implant bridges or implant dentures to replace missing teeth – we locate the most stable areas of the jaw where there is the most bone, graft as necessary, and then place implants.

Sinus Lifts

You may have heard of the term “sinus lift.”  A sinus lift is a term that we use for a bone graft that we place in the top jaw so we have a bone to place dental implants. The reason it’s called a lift is that we surgically lift up the sinus and place bone underneath. A sinus lift is a very common in-office procedure that has high success rates.

dental implants with bone loss

Don’t Let Bone Loss Stop You!

If you are considering treatment with dental implants but you are unsure because you’ve been told that you have gum disease or bone loss, don’t be discouraged. Contact us or call us today so we can evaluate your mouth and see if you are a dental implant candidate.

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