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Which Tooth Treatments Make Use of a Dental Crown?

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Constructed to add support, protection, and more pleasant aesthetics to a tooth, a dental crown can sometimes be the best option. How do you know if a dental crown is the right choice based on your tooth issue or treatment plan? Dr. Lumi Markham of Maidu Dental, Auburn, CA, can help you make a personalized decision. Just call for an appointment to talk about tooth crowns.

Badly Damaged Tooth? Potentially Save It With a Dental Crown.

When a tooth presents only a bit of decay, it can often be cleaned and filled to restore it to strength and beauty. However, major decay is a bigger concern. The more damaged the tooth, the less appropriate a dental filling is likely to be.

The good news is that as long as a very decayed tooth is still structurally intact, it can often be capped with a dental crown. Bonded to the tooth, the tooth-colored crown helps prevent further decay and removes the need for dental extraction. The dental crown also blends into the smile.

Tooth Imperfections Can Be Hidden With Dental Crowns

Do you have one tooth that looks different from all the others? Perhaps it is naturally misshapen, such as being excessively small or pointed. Maybe it has become discolored after undergoing gentle root canal therapy. Whatever the reason, it stands out.

As long as your imperfect tooth is otherwise healthy, it may benefit from being capped with a dental crown. Dr. Markham will prepare the tooth beforehand and then create a dental crown in about an hour at her facility using advanced equipment. In just one visit to Maidu Dental, you could completely change the way you look when you smile by restoring an unappealing tooth.

Tooth Crowns Are an Important Part of Dental Bridges

What happens when you have a missing tooth and want to fill the gap? Among your treatment options, you may want to consider getting a dental bridge.

Dental bridges are comprised of two dental crowns and an artificially constructed tooth created to fit into the space left by the missing tooth. The dental crowns are placed over the adjacent teeth in an effort to provide anchors for the prosthetic tooth in the middle. The crowns serve to keep the whole bridge functioning attractively and reliably. They can also disguise dark spots, chips, and cracks in the adjacent teeth.

Think you might benefit from a dental bridge? Call us today so we can show you before and after images from similar cases.

Dental Implants Rely on Tooth Crowns

Have you heard about dental implants, the only fixed surgical solution to replace a missing tooth or teeth? Dental implant surgery starts with Dr. Markham placing a post into the jawbone below the gumline. After the post site heals, an abutment and dental crown are attached to the post.

In this case, the dental crown offers a lifelike, long-lasting replacement for the missing tooth. You can expect the dental crown to feel and look just like a natural tooth.

So Many Uses for Dental Crowns in Auburn, CA

On a daily basis, Dr. Markham often places and discusses dental crowns, as well as offers a wealth of other dental choices. She would be happy to help you discuss all the possibilities available to bring back your gleaming, healthy smile.

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