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How much do traditional braces cost?

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When you hear “braces,” you probably picture traditional braces: metal brackets and wires attached to the outer teeth that slowly but steadily align a smile. While new orthodontic treatments like Invisalign® now offer more discrete straightening options, traditional braces are still one of the best ways for children, teens, or adults to receive a straighter smile. One reason? Their more affordable cost when compared to other modern treatments. To learn more about the factors that influence the cost of traditional braces, continue reading.

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Several factors influence the final cost of traditional braces. These include:

Extent of Treatment

Teeth misalignment issues vary considerably. Patients usually suffer from one or more of the following:

  • Crowded Teeth
  • Overbite and underbite
  • Crossbite
  • Gap Teeth
  • Open Bite
  • Crooked Teeth

For greater misalignment, more in-depth orthodontic techniques may be required, as well as longer treatment timelines. Some patients may also require additional visits during treatment so Dr. Markham can advance the alignment through specialized treatments. In addition, even greater alignment issues can require oral surgery procedures to correct. All of these factors can increase the cost of braces.


After braces produce the desired smile alignment, Retainers are necessary for maintaining a straight, unshifting smile. Several types of retainers exist, including both options that are permanent, and those which can be removed. Fixed retainers can cost up to $500, while removable retainers can cost up to $300.

Insurance Coverage

For some patients — and most often for children — dental insurance covers some or all of the cost of traditional braces. Typically, however, cases of aesthetic improvement are not covered by insurance — especially for adults over the age of 18.

Orthodontic Financing

Braces are an investment in you or your child’s smile. For many families, medical financing plans offer a way to afford orthodontic treatment through reasonable monthly payments and low interest rates. To learn more about Maidu Dental’s financing plans, visit our Financial Information page, or speak with a member of our staff.

Orthodontic Provider

Your choice of provider can have an impact on the total cost of braces, but it’s never worth sacrificing quality care in order to save money. Be sure that your orthodontic provider is a board-certified orthodontist from the American Board of Orthodontics, like Dr. David Markham. This is the only orthodontic board recognized by the American Dental Association and proves that the doctor has completed a competitive 2 to 3 year advanced training program specifically for orthodontic care.

Estimated Cost of Braces

On average, traditional braces cost anywhere from $3,000 to $10,000. All the of above factors can play a role in how much the final out-of-pocket costs will be to you, so it’s important to discuss each of these factors with Dr. David Markham, Maidu Dental’s board-certified orthodontist, as well as our front-of-office staff. We can help you understand your insurance and financing options, as well as your expected treatment costs based on your specific alignment needs. Before beginning treatment, you should have a good estimate of how much total treatment will cost.

If you want more information on the cost of traditional braces, or our approach to orthodontics, reach out to a member of our staff. We look forward to helping you invest in a smile of your dreams!

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