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What are you purchasing in a dental crown?

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When you hear the word "crown" you may think about jewels and kings and queens; while dental crowns may not be as rare and shin, they are a practical and aesthetic way to protect and strengthen teeth! If your general dentist has suggested a dental crown treatment, you may be wondering what the cost of the treatment includes, and what value you will receive in having a dental crown placed. To answer these questions, we’re taking a closer look at everything that’s involved in the cost of your Auburn, CA dental crown treatment, and why it can be the best way to extend the health and life of your natural tooth.

Dr. Luminita Markham is passionate about getting to know each of her patients and helping them understand their options when it comes to dental health. She believes that simply performing dental procedures is not her only role; Dr. Markham enjoys educating her patients and learning from them, too! If you’re looking for dental care with a personal touch in Auburn, CA, consider Maidu Dental. Call us today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Markham.

How much do dental crowns cost?

The cost of your specific crown treatment will vary based on the crown material that is chosen, your specific dental provider, the location of the affected tooth, and any other secondary treatments which may need to be performed. Typically, you can expect a dental crown to cost anywhere from $500-$2,500. Fortunately, dental crown treatment is often covered, at least in-part, by most dental insurance policies.

What materials are dental crowns made of?

Today, most dental crowns are fabricated from medical-strength porcelain, a durable ceramic that can be easily shaded to match your natural tooth color. Porcelain mimics enamel in many ways, from its strong and smooth surface, to its natural, glossy finish. The non-porous surface means it resists staining from food and drink, and is not susceptible to decay like natural enamel. While other materials are still used, including some metals and zirconia, porcelain provides the most aesthetic results, and is most often our practice’s material of choice.

The cost for these different materials varies, and depending on your financial abilities, smile goals, and aesthetic desires, Dr. Markham can help you choose the right material to suit you.

What can I expect during treatment?

After performing a thorough examination and determining a dental crown is needed, Dr. Markham will take digital images to help in fabricating the custom crown to fit your mouth perfectly. It’s important to note that patients who are receiving a crown in treatment of a missing tooth will first need to undergo dental implant surgery, which can take several months of healing and recovery.

Before the crown placement procedure begins, local anesthetic (procaine) may be given to provide increased comfort. Dr. Markham will then carefully prepare the tooth, removing any present decay and shaping the natural tooth crown so the dental crown fits securely over the tooth to blend seamlessly with the rest of the smile. A temporary resin crown may be placed while the final crown is completed.

When your final crown is ready, Dr. Markham will ensure it fits comfortably before using permanent dental adhesive to bond it to the reshaped tooth.  Once in place, you can enjoy restored functionality and a more attractive smile. The good news is that your restoration can be cared for much like your natural tooth. Regular brushing, flowing, and dental check-ups can keep it healthy and functional for years to come.

How long will it last?

Dental crowns’ durability depends on the material used, but for the most part, dental crowns last five to ten years, or even up to 15 years in some cases.

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Now that you understand what goes into the cost of a dental crown, receive your crown from a caring, skilled, and experienced dentist: Dr. Luminita Markham! If you’re looking for a new provider, or are new to the Auburn area, we’d love to meet you at a brief consultation and show you why our practice is one of the best in the area.

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