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What Are the Best Braces Colors?

Braces colors are one way you can express yourself during treatment

Personal expression and customizability. Those are terms people don't usually associate with braces. And yet, when you use traditional metal braces, that's exactly what you can get. Stainless steel braces are now more comfortable, durable, and efficient than ever before. Patients should no longer worry about aesthetical problems when wearing them; instead, you have the opportunity to play around with color combinations to express yourself during treatment.

Let's review together a few ideas for color combinations, what those rubber bands actually do, and some colors we do not recommend.

Braces Color Combination Ideas

Some colors look good on everybody, and even though choosing your looks and what colors look best may seem daunting at first, you should consider it an opportunity to express yourself and have lots of fun.

If you're a parent who struggled with getting your kid started in some high-quality dental care for children in Newcastle, you should talk to them about the opportunity to choose their own colors.

Some of the go-to color choices include hunter green, navy blue, light blue, and even gold. But you don't even have to settle for a uniform color for all your rubber bands. Instead, you can have your child mix and match to support their favorite sports team, season, or character.

Some people might even decide on colors that complement or imitate their eye color, whereas other adults might just prefer subdued color palettes that don't stand out in a work environment.

Regardless of your motivation, you should choose braces' colors that express what you want. Feeling at ease and liking your braces is an important factor in treatment efficiency. After all, we take care of the things we like, including our braces and teeth.

It's ok if you don't know yet what colors you want. Besides, if you choose a combination you don't particularly like or is no longer what you want, you can always ask your orthodontist to switch up your rubber band colors on the next visit. Ask your orthodontist and the rest of the team at Maidu Dental for ideas. Your family may also have some constructive criticism and ideas for you to try out. The possibilities are endless when you also consider what others can recommend.

Holiday Ideas

Is a federal holiday coming? Do you have some time off work or school? You might want to take advantage of that occasion and select braces colors that best reflect the holiday spirit. Let's check a couple of them:

4th of July

Was there any question we would start there? 4th of July is an essential American celebration marked by happiness, colors, celebration, and positive ideals. Why not dress up your braces with blue, red, and white? The colors of our flag will also look amazing on your braces.

Just one observation; please watch out for some of your food choices during this celebration. Corn on the cob and other famous 4th of July foods will wreck your braces regardless of the colors you chose for the celebration.


This doesn't have to be only a scary occasion. Besides, you can jazz up your braces with bright green tones. Purple, black, and orange are also great colors to mix up, and you can get these color combinations to make your smile stand out when you go for your Trick or Treat in Newcastle.

Check out a few of those color combinations for the upcoming Halloween activities, and feel free to play with the order of your rubber bands. Maybe you could alternate two colors on each tooth, while others might want to select one color for each entire teeth arch. The decision is yours.

Braces Colors Based on Sports Teams

California is home to many great team sports. Here are a few of the ones we know you can totally use as an inspiration for your choice of braces' rubber band colors.

Los Angeles Dodgers

Are you a fan of baseball? How about dawning the colors of the LA Dodgers? This team was previously based out of Brooklyn but has made the greater LA area their home. Dawn the red and blue of the LA Dodgers and go hit some Home Runs!

Los Angeles Chargers

If you're all about football and touchdowns, you might want to check out the color combinations based on the LA Chargers. Show your team some love and wear the light blue and yellow that makes this team stand out!

Los Angeles Lakers

How could we not show our basketball friends some love? These are definitely one of the best well-known NBA teams out there, and you cannot go wrong with their color scheme. Try some purple and yellow to stand out and make your braces shoot a three-pointer every time you smile.

Newcastle Knights

Did you really think we were gonna skip over some local talent? Newcastle Knights from the Newcastle Elementary & Charter School continue to give our youngsters the motivation and training they need in their athletic development. Rock their signature green and shout out Go, Knights!

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