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The Difference That Advanced Dental Technology Makes

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You may often hear doctors and dentists laud their updated tech, but unless you know how it affects your care, it may not be very impressive. At Maidu Dental, we believe in using the latest technology to benefit our patients’ care and comfort. We’ve added advanced dental tools to give you and your family a more comfortable and efficient experience while getting the care you need.

Are you looking for cutting edge dentistry you can appreciate and enjoy? Contact Maidu Dental for Auburn CA family dentistry. Come see the difference that advanced dental tech and a friendly staff can make! Call us at (530) 823-8771 for an appointment.

Less-Painful Anesthetic Injections

Both kids and adults know that anesthetic injections can be painful, no matter how fast they may be. We’ve gone the extra mile to take the sting out of injections by adding a Comfort Control™ syringe to our toolbox. The pain associated with injections isn’t from the needle, as much as it is from the flow of  the medicine into the tissues. The tool we use slows down the process to make it less painful for the patient.

Early Cavity Detection

In the past, we relied only on our eyes and metal tools to show us where tooth enamel had been demineralized. Today, at Maidu Dental we have made cavity detection more efficient by adding a DiagnoDent™ laser to the process. This device uses laser fluorescence technology to illuminate the mouth and reveal spots that may develop into cavities. When we find spots of demineralization, we can treat them with fluoride to strengthen the tooth and prevent a cavity from forming.

Intraoral Camera and Digital Impressions

If you’ve ever been to the dentist and had a hard time visualizing a diagnosed problem, you’ll appreciate our intraoral camera. Using a small pen-sized camera, we can capture detailed images from inside your mouth and show them to you on a screen. You won’t have to use your imagination to understand what’s going on in your mouth, because we can actually show it to you.

We also use scanning and imaging technology to create digital impressions. If you’ve ever had to do a messy impression with the “goop” and trays, you can say goodbye to that. Impressions are often needed when starting orthodontic treatments or getting a crown made. Now that we can take them digitally, you’ll never need to sink your teeth into the goop again.

Drill-Free Fillings

Most Americans have had at least one filling, so you are probably familiar with the dreaded dental drill. Nothing is more memorable that the sound of the drill, the vibrations you feel, and the smell of the friction. Thanks to our laser cutting tools, we can now provide drill-free fillings that don’t pack the same jarring punch as the drill. With laser tools, getting a filling is less noisy and less painful than ever. Laser cutting tools are more precise and less invasive than dental drills, and you’ll have a totally different experience if you should ever need a filling or root canal.

Experience the Comfort of Cutting-Edge Dentistry

Are you looking for modern dentistry with comfort-enhancing technology? Contact Maidu Dental  for Auburn CA family dentistry. You’ll enjoy a calmer experience with our advanced dental tech and friendly staff! Call us at (530) 823-8771 for an appointment.


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