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Bonding vs. Veneers for Smile Makeovers

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Have you been looking for a way to make your teeth look better? Whitening your teeth can go a long way toward brightening up a dull smile, but sometimes there are other things you want to change about your smile. Irregularly shaped teeth, gaps, chips, too-small teeth, and jagged edges are just a few of the things we can correct with cosmetic dentistry. We can even give you a brand-new smile, often without having to realign your teeth with orthodontics. How can we do this? With teeth bonding Auburn CA, and porcelain veneers.

Are you interested in a smile makeover? Visit Maidu Dental to learn what’s possible! Auburn CA cosmetic dentist Dr. Luminita Markham can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted. Call us today at 530-823-8771 to make an appointment.

Bonding and Veneers – How They Work

Both of these smile makeover techniques give you a new surface for a tooth, by bonding dental fabrication materials to the front of the tooth. In a sense, they give your tooth a new “face” to cover the old one.

Dental bonding accomplishes this feat with the use of dental composite resin. This is the same material used in white fillings, so you know it’s strong and durable. Dr. Markham sculpts the composite over your tooth to create the look and contours to make the tooth blend in better with the others. Dental veneers cover the teeth in the same way, but they are made in a dental laboratory and then bonded to the tooth in our office. These techniques are able to correct a wide range of cosmetic concerns, including the shape, size, color, and surface appearance of the tooth.

How Are Bonding and Veneers Different?

There are several differences to consider between the two cosmetic dentistry techniques:

  • Price: Teeth bonding costs considerably less than a set of veneers.
  • Time: Bonding can be done in one appointment, while veneers require several weeks and a set of temporary veneers while you wait.
  • Permanence: Bonding is fully reversible and can be removed. Veneers are a permanent change to your teeth and you cannot go back to “no veneers” once you have it done.
  • Results: Veneers create a brand-new smile, that drastically changes how your teeth look. Bonding is best for correcting one or two teeth that are not in harmony with the rest of your smile.
  • Duration of Results: Veneers tend to look good longer than bonding. Your bonded teeth may last for many years, but they are more likely to become discolored or chipped before veneers would.

Which is Right for Me?

While bonding and veneers can produce similar results, only one is recommended if you are looking to make many changes to the appearance of your teeth at once. If you want to change all the teeth that show when you smile, veneers are the best choice. Why is this? Because veneers are hand-made as a set, they are designed to work in harmony to create the smile you want. Bonding is best for correcting one or two teeth. If you tried to have all your teeth bonded, the result would not be as predictable or as reliable as a set of veneers.

To learn more about teeth bonding, Auburn CA, and veneers, contact Maidu Dental at 530-823-8771. When you come in for a smile makeover consultation, you are always in the driver’s seat. You tell us what you don’t like about your smile, and we’ll explain possible techniques to address your concerns.

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