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An Auburn Family Dentist to Keep Your Gang Smiling

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The term “general dentistry” may seem pretty basic. Cleaning teeth and filling cavities is the core of the most general dental practice, but we do a whole lot more than that! You might be surprised how many different treatments we provide to keep your family’s smiles beautiful, healthy, and protected.

Do you need a new provider for Auburn family dentistry? Visit us at Maidu Dental to meet with Dr. Luminita Markham. We love to meet new families and can’t wait to introduce you to our unique approach to comfortable, friendly family dentistry. Call us at (530) 823-8771 to make an appointment.

Infants’ and Children’s Oral Health

Good oral health starts with the very first tooth. Baby teeth are just as vulnerable to decay as adult teeth, so we encourage parents to bring their infants in for a check-up by their first birthday. Children should come in for a cleaning and check-up every six months to help prevent cavities and catch problems in their earliest stages. We also provide fluoride and sealants to help keep teeth strong and protected from bacterial damage.

Mouth Guards and Night Guards

You want your family’s teeth to stay protected from structural damage, and guards are a great way to prevent injury to the teeth. If a member of your family plays sports on a regular basis, a mouthguard can help make sure any stray baseballs or hockey sticks don’t lead to a knocked-out tooth or chipped incisor. Customized guards from the dentist offer greater protection than one-size sports guards, and are more comfortable, which means children will be more likely to wear them!

Nightguards are indicated for patients who suffer from bruxism (teeth grinding). If someone in your family has the habit of clenching the jaw or grinding the teeth when they sleep, a nightguard can help protect the teeth from damage. The friction caused by bruxism can lead to worn-down enamel and cracked teeth, which can open the door for bacteria to cause decay. A customized night guard is comfortable and protects the teeth from further damage.

Periodontal Care

It’s a terrifying thought, but approximately half of all adults over 35 show signs of gum disease. If you have experienced gingivitis or periodontitis, we can help you protect your gums from further damage with periodontal cleanings. Gum disease cannot be reversed, but it can be controlled, so symptoms do not become severe. Untreated, gum disease can often lead to tooth loss. We want you to keep your teeth for life, and periodontal treatments are a great way to make sure your gums and teeth stay healthy.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea Treatment

Many patients are surprised to learn that a dentist can help with snoring and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Both snoring and sleep apnea are caused by a blocked airway when you sleep at night. In many cases, a customized oral appliance can gently reposition the jaw to help keep the airway open at night. This can be especially helpful for diagnosed sleep apnea patients who struggle with a CPAP and are looking for alternatives.

Dental Anxiety

Perhaps one of the greatest differences between dentistry 50 years ago and dentistry today is that we now understand the harm that dental anxiety can cause. Patients with fears, worry, discomfort, and physical challenges (e.g., hypersensitive gag reflex) can now have calmer, less-fraught appointments with the help of mild-to-moderate forms of sedation. We don’t want your appointments to feel like torture, so we offer several levels of sedation to help our patients with dental anxiety or discomfort. Give us the chance, and we’ll help your son, daughter (…or husband) get the care they need, without the anxiety.

Contact Maidu Dental for Auburn family dentistry. We can't wait to tell you more about what Dr. Luminita Markham can do to help keep your family smiling! Call us at (530) 823-8771 for an appointment.

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