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5 Myths about Porcelain Veneers

woman with beautiful smile standing in front of wooden backgroundDo cosmetic flaws leave your smile looking jagged or lackluster? Are you considering veneers in Auburn, CA? Porcelain veneers are a common cosmetic treatment used to conceal aesthetic imperfections for a beautifully balanced smile. Dr. Luminita Markham, your Auburn dentist, can perform this treatment at our family and cosmetic practice. Today, we will discuss 5 common myths about porcelain veneers, so you can be well-informed about your treatment options.

Porcelain Veneers in Auburn, CA: A Brief Overview

Before we dive into the myths about porcelain veneers, let’s take a moment and review exactly how this restorative option works. Veneers are wafer-thin, custom-fabricated restorations that can be affixed to the front surfaces of the teeth. The result is a more symmetrical smile that brings balance to your facial features. With proper care and maintenance, porcelain veneers can last upwards of 20 years. This treatment is purely cosmetic in nature. Therefore, patients considering this option should be free from gum disease and tooth decay.

Veneers have been around for decades. Throughout that time, the procedure has improved exponentially. Today, we will dispel a few common myths about this treatment.

Myth #1: Veneers are unnatural-looking

We’ve all seen it – teeth that are oversized and as white as a toilet bowl. Individuals often mistakenly assume that all veneers are like this. On the contrary, well-placed veneers will look so natural, others will not be able to tell you’ve had dental work completed.

Myth #2: Veneers are only for front teeth

While it is true that the most common area for porcelain veneers to be placed is the upper front teeth – also referred to as “the social six” – these restorations are not limited to this portion of your smile. Veneers also work wonderfully well on the premolars and the lower front teeth. During an initial consultation with Dr. Markham, she can help you determine a personalized treatment plan that will meet your specific goals.

Myth #3: Veneer placement is painful

Anytime dental work is performed, it is only natural to be nervous or anxious about discomfort. However, this treatment is performed under local anesthesia. This will numb your teeth and surrounding gums to keep you comfortable during your appointment.

Myth #4: Veneers only take one office visit

In most cases, porcelain veneer placement takes at least two appointments. While we understand patients want to achieve their new smile as soon as possible, it is important to take enough time to plan out treatment for a beautiful result. During the first visit, Dr. Markham will listen carefully to your unique cosmetic goals. Next, the teeth will be prepped, and dental impressions will be taken. The diagnostic files will be sent to our partner dental lab, where an experienced lab technician will create your veneers. This process takes a week or two, so you will wear temporary restorations in the meantime. Once the veneers arrive to our dental office, we will see you for your second appointment, at which Dr. Markham will place your final restorations.

Myth #5: In order to place veneers, the entire tooth must be filed down

Many individuals think the entire tooth must be drilled before a veneer can be placed. While some buffing and filing is necessary on the very front surfaces of the teeth, this is kept to a minimum. Your Auburn dentist is committed to preserving as much natural tooth structure as possible.

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